Make My Day: Retro Milk & Sugar Serving Set

With a nod to days gone by, this Retro milk bottle is a clever and fun way to serve milk and sugar to your guests. Whether it's when friends pop in for a coffee, or purposely included into your setting for a formal brunch, it's sure to generate conversation surrounding the days when milk was delivered by the milk man in his horse and cart!

- Available for purchase at Morgan's Fine Foods, with a red, green and black interchangeable lid included with each set.

Make My Day: Show Off Versatile Double Walled Bottle

A versatile double walled serving and storage bottle, made from borosilicate glass, suitable for hot or cold contents. Sealed with an elegant silicone stopper. This stylish bottle shows its contents in their best light. Why disguise your homemade lemonade, milk, juice...or hot cider when it can be served in style?

- Available at Morgan's Fine Foods in 750ml capacity.

Bodum: Assam Teapots

Tea brewing doesn't get any purer than with BODUM® tea presses. This unique system makes sure your tea is brewed precisely to your desired strength and aroma. Bodum developed the tea press with the English Tea Council over 30 years ago and have been perfecting it ever since. Most of the BODUM® tea presses are made of borosilicate glass, which doesn't stain and doesn't give off any taste. The glass allows you to watch the brewing process, bringing all the beautiful tea colours to life. Whether you love green tea, black tea or fruit teas, the BODUM® tea presses are as much a pleasure for the eye as they are for the taste buds!

- Available at Morgan's Fine Foods in small or medium.

Bodum: Double Walled Glasses

The insulating quality of the double wall glasses doesn't just keep hot drinks hot for a longer period of time, it also keeps cold drinks cold longer. Another nice thing about them - there is no condensation water when you serve cold drinks, therefore no messy rings on your table. And by the way, they're great for ice cream as well. Double wall glasses are truly multifunctional. They are made from borosilicate glass and are dishwasher safe.

- Available at Morgan's Fine Foods, in boxes of 2 x small 250ml glasses, or 6 x medium 350 ml glasses (plus 2 free glasses when you purchase a box of 6!)

Darlin Imports: Acacia Wooden Chopping Boards

Crafted to suit your decoration and functional needs, this stylish piece is made from a solid piece of Acacia hardwood, a fast-growing, non-endangered species of wood. Suitable for hot and cold food.

- Available at Morgan's Fine Foods in small, medium or large.

Voss: Artesian Water

You're probably struck at first by the bottle's unique design, but don't let its beauty distract you from looking deeper. VOSS is amazing, both inside and out. Inside, because VOSS is artesian water, originating in an aquifer in Southern Norway, and bottled at the source. Outside, because VOSS is dedicated to the pursuit of becoming a carbon neutral company. And through its support of the VOSS Foundation, is committed to providing access to clean drinking water to communities in Sub-Saharan Africa ... Now that's something worth talking about!

- Available at Morgan's Fine Foods in still or sparkling, small or large.